There’s no denying that Pafos is a beautiful area to visit. Whether you’re keen photographer looking for some stunning locations to shoot, or you simply want the most gorgeous backdrops to your holiday snaps, here are our top 5 locations you really must visit with your camera


5. Pafos Castle

5 Pafos Castle

Perhaps the most famous of all the attractions in Pafos is Pafos Castle, located at the harbour. This imposing byzantine fort was originally built to protect the port and it has a fascinating history. Built on the ancient wave breaker, it sits right at the edge of the ocean with panoramic ocean views as a backdrop for all your castle photographs. A stroll along the sea front to the castle will also bring you some lovely photo opportunities, and don’t forget to step inside the castle too and admire the view from within.


4. Pafos Lighthouse

4Pafos Lighthouse

The pretty whitewashed lighthouse in Pafos is certainly photogenic. It’s still in full working order and its light can be seen for 17 nautical miles. Originally built in 1888 to aid ships travelling to the colonies when Cyprus was under British Administration, it remains a popular tourist attraction to this day and the area around the lighthouse is also being carefully restored.


3. Tombs of the Kings

A visit to Unesco World Heritage Site, the Tombs of the Kings brings plenty of amazing opportunities to take some spectacular photographs. The ancient tombs, surrounded by grand columns have never actually been used by kings but they’re certainly fit for them! Follow the passages to the niches created for bodies, and check out the frescoes on the walls.


2. Blue Lagoon

2 blue lagoon

It’s not so easy to get to Blue Lagoon, but if you make the effort to book a boat trip or take a jeep safari you’ll be well rewarded when you arrive at what many people say is the most beautiful spot in all of Cyprus. This place is as close to Paradise as you’ll get. The water is blue and crystal clear, the natural beauty of the unspoilt views is breath-taking. You’ll get some amazing images here, and if you’re looking for that perfect holiday photograph with the wow factor to share with friends and family back home, you’ll definitely capture it here.


1. “Petra tou Romiou” The Birthplace of Aphrodite

1 Petra tou Romiou The Birthplace of Aphrodite

This magical spot can be found on the coastal road between Pafos and Limassol. According to legend, this is where the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite left the ocean. It is said that the imposing rock that emerges from the sea here is part of a shell that carried Aphrodite to Cyprus. The sea here can get rough so it’s not safe for swimming, this makes the beach here usually pretty quiet making it perfect for photography. Take a good long walk around the area as the views from every angle are so beautiful.


Fall in love with Pafos

If you’ve never been to Pafos, then you really must take a trip, especially if you love photography, it really is a photographers paradise. These places we’ve mentioned look gorgeous in images, but when you see them for real, you’ll be truly captivated. When you fall in love with Pafos, it can be hard to say goodbye, but you don’t have to! You could live every day in this beautiful place and never have to leave. Find out more about buying a property in Pafos with Domenica Group and experience the beauty of the area every single day.