You know that Cyprus has wonderful weather all year round, but did you know that has recently been voted as having the 2nd best climate in the world? More than 14,000 expatriates took part in the survey to determine the countries with the best climates.  A vast range of people was surveyed, with participants living in 195 different countries across all five continents.

The people involved in the survey were asked several questions, one of which was to determine the country with the best climate. Out of all the 195 countries involved, only the climate of Costa Rica beat Cyprus for the best climate in the world.

Cyprus the country with the 2nd best climate inthe world

The benefits of living in warmer climates

First and foremost, living in a place that gets lots of sunshine is beneficial for our health. Vitamin D needs the sun to be activated in our body, so people who live in sunny places are less prone to health problems caused by Vitamin D deficiency. Also, the sun is a natural stress-healer. When sun rays of the sun reach they eyes, the brain begins to produce more serotonin which is the primary hormone responsible for making us feel happy. A warmer climate, coupled with a nutritional diet is bound to make you feel healthier, so Cyprus is the ideal choice of permanent living, as it combines both! Another benefit worth mentioning is the fact that a warmer climate allows you to do a lot of outdoor activities, much more than you would do if you lived in a colder climate.


What is it about the weather in Cyprus that makes it so perfect?

In classical times, Cyprus was known as the Island of the Sun because the sun shines nearly every day. On average, Cyprus enjoys 340 days of sunshine every year. One thing’s for sure: you’re not going to be deficient in vitamin D while living in Cyprus. Just imagine being able to plan an outdoor event without having to worry about the weather! Sunshine puts us in a great mood and it’s good for our physical health and our mental well-being. Average daytime temperatures in Cyprus range from 16C in the winter months through to 32C over the summer. It really is very pleasant all year round.

What is it about the weather in Cyprus that makes it so perfect

Every season is perfect

As you do in other parts of the world, you do notice the change in seasons in Cyprus. You still get the joy of bursts of spring colour when the flowers bloom, and the delight of autumnal leaves. You can even head to the mountains to ski on the slopes in the winter months, with temperatures remaining pleasant, and the sun always shining. It truly is a heavenly climate, and it’s really no surprise that it has been voted as having the 2nd best climate in the entire world.


Living in Cyprus is living the dream

If you add to this all the other benefits of Cyprus such as one of the lowest crime rates in Europe, the great location, the fantastic cuisine and the friendly and relaxed way of life, it’s no surprise that Cyprus is a wonderful place to call home.