There’s no denying Pafos is a beautiful area with a lot to offer. Whether you love water sports, sunbathing, sites of historic and archaeological interest, gourmet dining or dancing the night away, you’ll find it all in Pafos. But there’s another aspect of this area that sets it above all the other fantastic parts of this paradise island, and that’s its proximity to the Akamas Forest. When you’re in Pafos, you have such easy access to this area of outstanding natural beauty.


Sustainable tourism at its best

If you’re looking for a holiday with a low impact on the environment, a trip to the Akamas Forest in Pafos is the perfect option. You can get back to nature, staying amid the beauty at one of the free campsites. Each day, you can explore the many hiking trails that cross the Akamas National Park. There are trails of several different lengths and difficulty levels, so you’ll always find a trail to suit you and your own requirements. Your reward for your efforts is going to be the stunning panoramic views of the valley and the open ocean that you’ll come across as you explore the trails.Sustainable tourism at its best inner 1

Stunning beaches

Here you can also explore the largest stretch of unspoiled coastal area in all of Cyprus. With plenty of heavenly beaches, you can find your own personal tropical oasis to relax and unwind, truly getting away from it all. Spend time on the Akamas beaches and you literally feel all your stresses slip away as you gaze at the azure sea.


Take a trip into the past

Visit Aphrodite’s Bath in the Akamas Forest and you’re stepping into an ancient world of myth and legend. This natural cavern with a captivating pool is hidden amongst the trees and plants and has a truly magical feel to it. It is here that Aphrodite is said to have bathed and where she first met Adonis and they fell in love. The waters are said to have special powers of rejuvenation, so you may like to at least dip a hand in, just in case!


Fantastic unique biodiversity

Fantastic unique biodiversity inner

This unspoiled, natural environment is home to a wide range of rare plants, birds and animal species. From snakes to foxes, and migratory birds, the Akamas Forest offers a wealth of habitats to so many. The Akamas area is one of only 3 areas in Europe to hold two or more restricted-range species of birds. It’s no wonder bird watchers ‘flock’ to the Akamas! The beaches here are also a very important nesting spot for sea turtles, including the very rare and endangered Green Turtle which depends on the beaches at Akamas for survival.


We are so lucky in Pafos to have this beautiful area right at our doorstep. It truly adds to the value of Pafos with so many wonderful opportunities for activities and exploration. It’s the icing on the cake of this wonderful city that has so much to offer. Live your life in Pafos and you could hike the trails of the Akamas region whenever you want to.