Which are the safest countries in the world? The Daily Express gives us the answer in one of their February articles, where they reveal the top 10 safest countries to travel to in 2020. The research was conducted by a French travel insurance company, which collected data from 5 categories: natural disasters, transport, the quality of healthcare systems, levels of violent crime, and terrorist threat. The research measured how well each country performs against 5 categories.


According to the findings, Cyprus ranks 5, confirming what we already knew: that in addition to being one of the most beautiful places in the world, Cyprus is also one of the safest.

Switzerland topped the list of countries, scoring an overall 93.4 out of 100. Singapore came second with 92.7/100 and Norway came third with 91.1.

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The top 10 safest countries for 2020 are:

  1. Switzerland
  2. Singapore
  3. Norway
  4. Luxembourg
  5. Cyprus
  6. Iceland
  7. Denmark
  8. Portugal
  9. Finland
  10. Japan

The 5th place of Cyprus proves that the island-country is perfect for living and raising a family, apart from travelling.


Visiting Cyprus Post COVID 19

Cyprus’ great ranking comes to strengthen the island’s successful management of the recent health crisis which led to the lifting of movement restrictions earlier than expected.  

Striving to make conditions even safer for foreign travellers, the Cypriot government has recently announced that it will cover all costs for anyone who tests positive for the coronavirus while on holiday, including lodging, food, drinks and medication, leaving only the price of the ticket back home for foreign travellers to pay.


In addition, Cyprus’ health ministry will designate a 100-bed hospital which will cater exclusively to foreign travellers who test positive, as well as a hotel which will accommodate the friends and family of the infected patients. This way, the rest of the travellers residing in the hotel where the patient will be found will not be forced to cancel their holidays.


Lastly, Cyprus has issued an extensive package of measures that includes frequent disinfection of buses, restaurants and even sunbeds.

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Taking everything into consideration, it is clear that Cyprus is currently one of the best places to live, work and travel to in 2020.

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