Do you ever wish you had a holiday home to escape to but are held back by the cost of buying one? What if we told you that there is a place so beautiful with affordable housing that can grant your wish? We’re referring to the Cypriot town of Pafos: a beautiful town at the westernmost part of the island so intriguing that it’s hard to resist. Here are the main reasons that make Pafos the most perfect place to own a holiday home.

Blessed with stunning natural beauty

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Visitors to Pafos all agree that this area is stunningly beautiful. Crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, picturesque mountain villages, and breath-taking scenery all will steal your heart at first glance. Pafos' most famous natural sites include the Pafos Forest, where visitors can catch glimpse of Cyprus’ national animal – the Cypriot mouflon, the Avakas Gorge, the Akamas’ lush peninsula and the Aphrodite’s Rock.


Enjoys a perfect climate

Pafos sits in the westernmost part of Cyprus, an ideal location that gives the city a more pleasant climate compared to the rest of Cyprus. In summer, the temperature rarely exceeds 36 degrees Celsius and in winter it doesn’t get as cold as other cities such as Nicosia. A holiday in Pafos could be the haven you escape to each time the weather gets rough back home.


Close to an International Airport

Pafos International Airport is located between Timi and Achelleia, 6.5 km southeast of the city of Pafos, making your trip back home more convenient. International airline companies such as Ryan Air and Easy Jet fly frequently to and from Pafos, mostly to European destinations, giving you the opportunity to explore countries you always wanted to visit.


Rich in archaeological sites

If you love history and ancient sites, you’ll find Pafos very interesting. Some famous archaeological sites that attract tourists in droves are Pafos’ Mosaics, the Medieval Castle of Pafos, Tombs of the Kings, the Sanctuary of Aphrodite in Kouklia, and the ancient Odeon and Lighthouse.


Investors’ and tourists most favourite city

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Pafos’ perfect mix is what drives investors and tourists from all parts of the world to make an investment in the area. This is also shown in a recent report by the Cyprus΄ Department of Lands and Surveys. Based on the Department’s 2019 report, the town has seen the highest increase in the number of properties sold and bought in all of Cyprus, more specifically 26%. This is great news for people who have a holiday home in Pafos, as this means that they can lease their property to tourists for the time period they do not use the home or even sell it if they choose more easily and at a good price.


Pafos offers all the amenities of a modern city  

Pafos might be the smallest city in Cyprus but attracts the most tourists. This has helped the town develop in terms of infrastructure and amenities. The city currently has a big shopping mall, a plethora of international restaurant chains, banks, modern medical centres, a hospital, and much more, leaving even those that are hard to please satisfied.


These 6 reasons are only the starting point. Pafos offers much more at an individual level that one can only experience to understand. The only thing needed to top off the experience of living in Pafos is finding the perfect holiday home that you can use for your long getaways. To that end, Domenica Group can help you with their extensive experience and expertise in the real estate sector of Cyprus, as well as with their diverse list of current and future projects.