Similarly, to all the resorts in Cyprus, hotels in Pafos say they are experiencing the busiest tourist season ever, and for the first six months of the year, visitor numbers have broken all previous records.

Owner, and head of the Pafos hoteliers, Euripides Loizides told the Sunday Mail: “We are having an extraordinarily busy tourist season, and in the 26 years that I have owned a hotel, this is our best season ever.”

The Cyprus Statistical Service announced on their website that for the period of January–June 2017, arrivals showed an increase of almost 17%. Pre booking at hotels in Pafos increased by about 20% this year.

Loizides said that he believes that the increase is down to a number of issues. “Our neighbours such as Turkey, Egypt, Asia and Tunisia are having problems and also the cultural capital title has created a greater awareness of Pafos and Cyprus,” he said.

Guests are mainly British, German Russian, and Israeli and from other European nations. He said that the hotel group also expect 2018 to be a busy year.

Pafos mayor Phedonas Phedonos said that the numbers ‘speak for themselves’ and that this is due to the fact that Pafos has a good tourist product and is more accessible with the introduction of new flights such as those from Israel and Germany. There is also a possibility that further flights connecting Pafos to several new destinations may soon become a reality, he added.

The mayor noted that the aim for the future of Pafos is as a high-quality destination, with excellent infrastructure and amenities, a high-level environment and top quality cultural events. Security is also an important factor, and presenting the most attractive picture of the city and the region as possible.

Loizides said that industry professionals can see that momentum is being created, so they are expecting that 2018 will be a good season as well.

Source: Sunday Mail