For those who love the natural world, Cyprus, and Paphos in particular is a true paradise.

and natural beauty abounds in Cyprus. For those who love the natural world, Cyprus, and Paphos in particular is a true paradise. There’s so much breath-taking scenery, miles of wonderful hiking trails and the most amazing views. In Cyprus you really are at one with nature.  

With so many unspoilt natural areas, it’s no surprise that Paphos is home to many rare species of flora and fauna. One such species is the Caretta Caretta or loggerhead sea turtle. They have gained their name due to their large heads and strong jaws which they use to break open crustaceans for food. Their big head gives them a particularly cute appeal which makes them extra popular with visitors and locals alike. They just look so adorable!  

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Once on the brink of extinction, these turtles, which still rare, are now happily beginning to thrive in Cyprus where it has been designated a protected species. So they now have a protected area of the coast to make their nests in, with clear warnings to visitors to be cautious in the area not to disturb the nests, and special cages built to protect the turtles from predators. Cyprus was one of the first countries to legally protect the sea turtles, but thankfully now most Mediterranean countries have issued laws of protection for these rare and unique species.  

The turtles visit the shores of Cyprus to lay their eggs and every year, more nests appear. Lara Bay is one of the key locations for the Caretta Caretta turtle. They make their nests under the sand, approximately 30-60cm down to protect the eggs. When the eggs hatch, the tiny baby turtles emerge from the sand and make their way to the sea. This often happens en masse and it truly is a magical sight to behold. What is really fascinating, is that they know the exact spot where they were born, and when it comes time to lay their own eggs, they will return to the same place, usually around 30 years later! So now that Lara Bay has become established as a turtle nesting area, it will hopefully remain so forever.  

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For those who live in Cyprus, the opportunity to quietly watch the baby turtles make their way out of the nests and slowly proceed to the water is such an amazing experience. Just one of the ways in which Cyprus delights all who live here. If you would like to move to this special island and experience its natural beauty for yourself, then do check out our website. We have a wide range of high-quality residences available right now. Your next home could be in the heart of Paphos, with sea views and a world of natural opportunities on your doorstep.  

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