By owning Cyprus real estate you can acquire permanent residency or citizenship. Investment property has lifelong benefits for Israelis.  


A jewel of the Mediterranean, the spectacular island of  Cyprus is well known for its rugged mountains, sun-drenched coastal towns, golden beaches, and crystal-clear waters. Year-round hiking, swimming, and water sports are enjoyed by residents and visitors who are captivated by the warm and inviting climate. Friendly cafés and elegant restaurants offer diverse  Mediterranean cuisine with lots of fresh seasonal vegetables. 

In mythology, Cyprus  was known as the playground of the gods. Today it is one of the most favorite relocation  destination for Israelis, rellocating and/or business executives seeking a wonderful life for themselves and their families. Acquiring  Cyprus real estate is very popular among Israeli investors  who have found many benefits beyond the beauty of the island and the relaxed lifestyle that makes every day so pleasurable. 

Cyprus the country with the 2nd best climate inthe world


A Paradise for Your Family 

Living in Cyprus has many advantages. A  European Union  state where family is important and elders are respected, Cyprus has friendly residents, great education, and the cleanest bathing waters in Europe. Cyprus is well known for its excellent healthcare system. Affluent individuals will appreciate the safety of the area and enjoy the sophistication of world-class sporting events, and luxurious spa facilities. 

Known for being environmentally clean and healthy, the island draws people from around the world with its carefree days and slow-paced  Mediterranean lifestyle. Most people speak English, and Cyprus is very accommodating to foreign nationals. Cyprus real estate  comes with special benefits that can be yours if you own investment property. 

Cyprus Permanent Residency Program 

An amazing  opportunity  to enhance your life, Cyprus citizenship  can be obtained through an easy fast-track permanent residency program. After investing in a first-time sale property and meeting certain preconditions, an individual can apply for permanent residency within two months and  citizenship  within seven years. The purchaser’s entire family is included in the lifetime program, including parents, spouse, and all children under 25 years of age. Children may keep their status after they turn 25 and after they marry. 

 The residency requirements are simple: 

  • Invest €300,000 + VAT in Cyprus real estate 
  • Visit Cyprus at least once every two years (permit holder)  

The advantages of having residency in a European Union state are many: 

  • Application for a Cypriot passport after five of seven years have been spent in Cyprus 


A Lifetime of Enjoyment 

The ex-pat  Israeli community in Cyprus  continues to grow. Owning investment  property in Cyprus  not only gives you the opportunity for permanent residency and citizenship, but it also opens the door to a prosperous life in a breathtaking environment for you and your family. With such a unique and exciting program, Cyprus real estate should be part of your future. Why not start today? 

Domenica Group is a large  property development company  established in 1961 based in Cyprus offering a wide range of property  investments  that qualify for the permanent residency program. 

Considering taking the plunge and investing in the real estate market in Cyprus? Contact  Domenica Group  today for a free no-obligation consultation to get started on learning about options for living and doing business in this amazing island. 

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