There’s just something about the sea that’s incredibly captivating. Learn why you should live near the sea!

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There’s just something about the sea that’s incredibly captivating. It’s almost as if the sea draws us to it. Gazing at the sea frees our mind, and gives such a sense of calm and a feeling of relaxation. Just looking at the sea can make us feel so at ease. It’s this magical quality of water that provokes so many people to move to the coast, so they can always benefit from the power of a sea view. Here are four of the reasons why living near the sea is so beneficial...

  1. Water helps you find your place in the universe

Seeing the great expanse of the sea helps you to let go of the insular feelings of ‘self’ and feel connected with the whole world. The greatness of the unending sea of blue helps to put ourselves into perspective, and gain a more balanced view of the severity of our own issues and problems.

  1. Water helps to inspire creativity

When we look at the sea, it is so awe inspiring that all other thoughts can simply disappear. This opens our mind and allows fresh, unfettered thoughts to flow in. Now is the time for creativity. Ideas can spring into your mind, problems can be solved, purely by allowing those thoughts to flow freely into a calm mind.

  1. Seaside exercise is good for body and mind

Whether you take a gentle walk, a bike ride, or you get out into the water for a swim, exercising in a beautiful area with stunning panoramic views is as beneficial for your mind as it is for your body, and it’s an exercise regime that’s more likely to become a pleasurable habit than working out in a city gym.

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  1. The water can create a state of meditation

Looking out at the sea brings with it a feeling of calm. It is both fascinating, yet steady and unchanging. When we stare at the sea, we let go of other thoughts, and experience a meditative relaxed state of mind.


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