Obtain Citizenship in Cyprus through an investment in real estate.

Minimum requirements for the rest of countries.

Enjoy visa-free travel to 157+ countries.

Fast track procedure

The approval for the Cyprus Passport will be issued within approximately 6 months which is the fastest in Europe.

Unlike other countries, Citizenship is inherited.

The whole family can obtain the Cyprus Citizenship.

Minimum Requirements

Only two requirements needed- investment amount and clear criminal record

European Citizen

Unrestricted right to live, work and study in Europe.

The perfect location to raise up family!

Safest country in the world with a population under 5 million.

Geographical Location

Located in the Mediterranean Sea,Cyprus acts as a bridge between the EU,the Middle East, and North Africa.

Business Benefits

Low taxation (12,5%). Low Cost of financial operation. Low Cost of living. Passport Investment can be liquidized just 3 years after. Passport is granted.

A magnificent destination, a stunning island. Α place to invest for your future!

The Cyprus Program


Initial Investment


Low Long
term Investment


Visa Free Travel

180 days

approval time

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