5 reasons why you should move to Cyprus INNER

A move overseas can totally transform your life for the better. Cyprus is a wonderful place to relocate to, so if you are considering moving there, here are just five of the many reasons why moving to Cyprus is a fantastic choice… 

  1. It’s so safe in Cyprus

Cyprus has a very low crime rate, one of the lowest in all of Europe in fact. Moving to Cyprus can be a real eye-opener at first when you notice people don’t lock their cars when they go to a shop or leave their doors and windows open. It can take some time to get used to, but it’s truly special to live among such honest and trustworthy people. When you don’t have to worry about crime, it takes a huge weight off your mind, especially if you have children.  


  1. The weather is glorious

With more than 300 days of beautiful sunshine every single year, Cyprus can seem like a true paradise. At home, you’re used to summer lasting a few brief weeks, and even then, you can’t rely on the weather to be good. In Cyprus, the summer goes on forever, and even in winter, it doesn’t get all that cold. You can plan events outdoors and spend time enjoying all the activities that sunshine makes more fun such as water sports, barbecue parties and swimming in the ocean. If you should wish, you can spend every weekend at the beach, or enjoying your private pool. It’s a dream come true for those who currently live in a colder country!  


  1. Some great tax benefits 

You’ll also find yourself better off when you move to Cyprus, thanks to the low rates of taxes enjoyed on the island. There’s also a high tax threshold before you pay any tax at all. 


       4.A more relaxed pace of life

A more relaxed pace of life INNER

Rushing around is no way to live. It only results in stress and exhaustion. When you move to Cyprus, the pace of life slows and you naturally take things easier. You control the pace of your life, and there’s plenty of time to try some exhilarating new sport or dance the night away at a beach party.  


  1. Almost everyone speaks English 

One thing that can be a worry if you’re moving to another country is not being fluent in the language. A language barrier can cause problems when you’re trying to do something important such as speaking to a healthcare professional or dealing with tradespeople. It can also cause your children to fall behind in school if all their classes are in a language, they are not familiar with. In Cyprus, you’ll find that just about everybody speaks very good English, and there are plenty of schools that specialise in teaching classes to English speaking children.  


Discover the home of your dreams in wonderful Cyprus  

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