Real Estate has historically been one of the safest investments and main driving forces for each person’s wealth. In Cyprus, the sector and the returns it generates are growing at a rapid pace, while the Cyprus Immigration by Investment programs have boosted both the demand and the benefits.

Whether you are interested in tapping into the market, or looking for an existing big player to collaborate with and expand your investment portfolio for your clients, Domenica Group can be your trusted and committed industry partner. Walk this path with an expert with 60 years of experience and an outstanding record of delivering high quality properties at great prices.

Multinational law firms, real estate agents, wealth managers, family offices and other professionals actively involved in investment migration and the Cyprus real estate market have trusted Domenica Group to be their partner.

Why partner with Domenica Group?

  • · Experience: 60 years of proven track record of developing hotels, commercial buildings and dream homes for thousands of clients;
  • · Transparency
: We provide clarity with our commission fees, and leave you in control of B2B and client relationships;
  • · Professional Support: 
Our team of professionals are always at your disposal and ready to supply you with all necessary advertising material, relevant information as well as 24/7 support to achieve the best results for you;
  • · Tailored solutions: 
Have a new business relationship in mind? Talk to us, we are flexible when it comes to partnerships.

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