If you are considering relocating from the UK to Cyprus, here are some of the top reasons to make the move. 

Cyprus is an all-season Mediterranean island that has quickly grown in popularity as a preferred tourist destination. With over 4 million tourists visiting the island every year, the Cypriot experience is definitely highly cherished. Perhaps due to the island's hot, sunny weather, the sparkling, blue Mediterranean waters, the long stretches of sandy beaches, delectable cuisine, and sunsets to die for.  

Cyprus is located on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea. The country is divided into six districts including Famagusta, Nicosia, Kyrenia, Limassol, Nicosia, and Larnaca. Nicosia is the country's capital city. During the last century, the island went through a major conflict that left it in a state of political uncertainty. As a result, the Northern part remains divided from the southern part. However, the island is still a fun, fascinating, safe, and comfortable place to visit, live and work in.  

Besides being a favorite tourist destination, Cyprus has become an extremely popular relocation destination among UK citizens. The period of British colonial rule between 1878 and 1960 left an indelible print on the island. The legacy of which can still be seen today when passing traditional red telephone boxes – some of which have been painted green for commercial reasons – and yellow pillar boxes, which were repainted after Cyprus gained independence.  

If you are considering relocating from the UK to Cyprus, here are some of the top reasons to make the move. 

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Cheaper Property Prices 

Cyprus real estate prices are very reasonable for both renting and buying. With apartment prices starting from €130,000, you'll be lost for choice when looking for options under 300k. Besides, the government has incentives for people who buy properties over the price of & £ 264,000, including gaining a permanent residency for your family in an EU country. 

In cities such as Paphos where the population is considerably low, you'll get a lot of large villas, good transport infrastructure, and beautiful beaches to relax on. You are also likely to fall in love with the spaciousness and nature of the area.  

Low Crime Rates AndTolerant Society 

Despite the tragic events after the Greeks and Turkish invasion over 50 years ago, Cyprus has steadily become a laid-back country with the lowest crime rates in Europe currently ranking the safest country in the world with a population of under 5m (source value pengvin). There are minimal reported violent crimes, making it an ideal place for professionals and young families to live, work and raise their kids. However, petty thefts still happen in the neighbourhoods but are often solved amicably without police involvement.  

English Is Widely Spoken 

While the official languages is Greek, English is widely used across the island. All road signs, government documents, and restaurant menus are available in English, making it easy for UK citizens to integrate seamlessly. Residents also learn English in schools, which minimizes the chances of language barriers.  

Excellent Cypriot Weather 

Cyprus has an excellent Mediterranean climate with over 300 sunny days throughout the year ranking 2nd best climate in the world (source inter nations). The summers are long with very few rainy days from May to November. Coming from a cold country, UK citizens find the warm weather an absolute pleasure, allowing them to get out and enjoy the sandy beaches and beautiful surroundings.  

Good Quality of life 

Cyprus has a laid-back lifestyle that is nothing compared with the frantic and rushed lifestyle in the UK. You can easily live a happy and relaxed life, while still enjoying all the pleasures and niceties that you could find in the UK. There are nice restaurants that serve delectable Mediterranean cuisines, ample spaces to walk, run, and cycle, and a rich culture with warm and welcoming residents.  

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People Drive On The Left-Hand Side 

Cyprus has right-hand drive Cars that drive on the left side of the road. For UK ex-pats, this makes it easy to adjust to the new road conditions. You can also ship your car from the UK in a very simple and cost-effective way, making the move even cheaper and super convenient.  

Large Expats Community 

Due to its growing popularity as an inviting place to live in, Cyprus is now home to over 80000 British ex-pats. Among those relocating from the UK, Paphos is a very common choice due to the large number of UK citizens living here. This expansive ex-pat community can help you integrate faster into the Cypriot lifestyle, while still providing an opportunity to easily find work and essential amenities.  

Great Education System 

Cyprus has an excellent education system. Government schools are free for children between 5 and 18 years. A crown jewel is a large number of international schools set up to teach foreign students. Despite being slightly expensive, these private institutions offer high levels of academic excellence and an advantage for your child to grow in a truly diverse, international culture.  

Cyprus Permanent Residency Program 

Cyprus offers a residency visa program for UK citizens who choose to invest in the country's real estate. This investment option provides a quick, easy and seamless way to gain Cyprus permanent residency. You'll need to make an investment of just €300,000 into real estate to gain a residency permit that covers the whole family. This permit is granted within two months and is valid for life, provided you or your family members make one visit to Cyprus every two years.  

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Great Healthcare System 

Cyprus has a bunch of public and private health facilities that meet and often exceed international standards. Public health facilities offer free emergency medical services to both residents and ex-pats. Cypriot private health care is perhaps one of the best in Europe. Most of the private health workers have either studied, lived, or worked in the UK and are therefore fluent in English.  

To learn all about Cyprus health care system (GESY) click Here 

Many Investment And Employment Opportunities 

Cyprus offers endless investment opportunities due to its safety, stability, and access to the European market. It has a favourable tax regime that continues to attract individuals and companies looking for favourable business hubs. Many companies and corporations have set their base in Cyprus, providing a healthy number of work and job opportunities for ex-pats relocating to Cyprus.  

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Are You Ready to Make the Move? 

Cyprus is an incredible destination for UK citizens looking for a place to work, raise a family and retire. It provides a different outlook on life that is unique to the fast-paced UK lifestyle. With a close-knit community life, a well-established ex-pat community, and multiple exciting opportunities, this Mediterranean island offers more than sandy beaches and beautiful sceneries.  

If you want to relocate to Cyprus to work, raise a family, retire or just have a slower pace of life, Paphos would be for you. This city has all the charm of a small town and the amenities and real estate of a big European city. If you'd like to take a look at properties around the islands, we have some beautiful homes and apartment complexes in some of the most sort after locations across Cyprus. Call us today to speak to one of our local real estate experts.  

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